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Cumi Bali is a family-friendly restaurant, designed by real people, unpretentious and simple, with Indon artefacts decorating the interiors and the walls. Do check out our friendly dancing fish mascot near the main doorway. 


Prior to this, we were located at Duxton Hill and Tanjong Pagar, bringing joy and good food to the people of Tanjong Pagar. We have since moved to our current location at 50 Tras Street.



Indonesian dishes are different from the regions' malayan food, as malayan food tends to be heavy-handed on a couple of spices, whilst Indonesian cuisine uses spice blends or "Bumbu" to create the different lingering tastes of each dish. For example, the Ikan Bakar is a special fish smothered in 18 spices and top-grilled to perfection. The spices paste on top reminds one of the otak-otak like consistency while the fish stays fresh and moist underneathe. This is highly recommended for fish lovers.


Otherwise, do give the Cumi Bali (House favourite - the restaurant is named after the resident squid) a try, and savour the "melt-in-your-mouth" feeling as only fresh, lightly chargrilled squid can be.


Reviews of the Sate Madura has made it's rounds in local periodicals and foreign publications, and all is left to say is that you must try it to experience Javanese Satay (minus the peanut sauce) at its best, period.


Last but not least, the Cendol is a must-try, even if you don't have a sweet tooth, as it's a crowd favourite in Cumi Bali. Definitely a sweet end to a delicious & satisfying meal. 


Time waits for no man, especially makan time, so from all of us at Cumi Bali, Enjoy & Selamat Makan!

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